Llambas Will Now Talk To The Chronicle!

Last updated : 10 February 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Derek Llambias (talking to the Chronicle): "We apologise and I personally apologise for the miscommunication.

"Historically, with Sports Direct, Mike stayed under the radar for 20 years until he floated his company.

"Then all of a sudden people realised there was a £2.5billion company there. He stayed under the radar because he had very little Press communication.

"But we do realise owning Newcastle United is a totally different forum.

"When Chris Mort was here he was very proactive with the Press. When I came on the board, Mike and I discussed it and we basically wanted to keep a lower profile. Then within no time at all KK happened. And then it just got worse and whatever we said got worse.

"So we decided to keep as low a profile as possible, get on with our business plan, move forward with what we were doing with our management team and to assist whatever manager was coming in as best as possible.

"Maybe we have made mistakes on the communication side. We freely admit we have made mistakes and we put our hands up. But now we're in a position where Mike is back on board and we're not selling the club.

"Our intention is to go back on the track we were on before with our business plan. We think that is the only way forward for the particular club. And I think it will be a model going forward for a lot of Premier League clubs.

"So we're now trying to put the stability back into the club as far as that is concerned.

"We apologise and I personally apologise for the miscommunication. Mike has gone out and made some generic statements.

"We try to do generic statements through the club Press office which people have seen.

"Basically now we're saying The Chronicle and the Journal are welcome to come in and ask the questions on a regular basis.

"We haven't got anything to hide. We're realistic about where we need to be in the next year or so."