Liverpool switch would create uproar - only move abroad may pacify fans

Last updated : 26 January 2005 By Craig Hope (website editor)

Reports are claiming that Liverpool will make a £5million bid before the end of the transfer window for the striker with Bellamy being offered the opportunity to join the club he apparently supported as a boy.

Such a move would create uproar on Tyneside with
Liverpool commonly regarded as our biggest rivals for the fourth Champions League spot over the past few seasons or so.

Indeed, a move to any other Premiership club would be met with discontent as, in our current predicament, even the likes of Aston Villa,
Portsmouth and Fulham have to be considered serious rivals.

As of yet there has been no approach from another Premiership club with Freddie Shepherd confirming to The Journal,

"We haven’t had a serious offer for him in the last 48 hours. There has been one enquiry with a view to a loan deal, but that’s it.

“There has not been one major club express any interest in him whatsoever. If something does happen in that respect, then we’ll consider the offer or offers.

“But nobody is kicking my door down and the fax machine is quiet. He’s damaged his reputation – hopefully, not beyond repair.

“When Craig said what he said, just where did he think he could go from here?  Where could he possibly have a better career right now?

"Time is a great healer and if Craig moves on, so be it. But as far as his
Newcastle career is concerned, it will be very, very difficult.

The Chairman’s comments coupled with Bellamy’s ‘I’m out of here’ comment yesterday make it all but certain that Bellamy will leave. Shepherd’s sole hint of a reprieve came when he said that ‘time is a great healer’ and in that he didn’t actually state outright that Bellamy’s
Newcastle days are over.

So, it remains unclear as to whether Bellamy will be given another chance, forced to play in the reserves or if a possible suitor will emerge before Monday’s deadline.

The supporters don’t appear to know what they want, each individual forum post, e-mail, text message or conversation you hear has a different take on the situation and a varying view as to how it should be resolved.

Liverpool switch, in my mind, would be out of the question – only a move abroad may pacify supporters who are reluctant, but resigned to seeing him leave.

It will be a sad end for the player who was pivotal in the greatest night of our recent history – who will ever forget his ‘your not f***ing throwing things now are you?’ jibe towards the Feyenoord supporters and subsequent 90th minute winner?

Memories and sentiment aside, we have to support our manager and put faith in his decisions. I get the feeling that a period of wholesale change is in the offing at St.James Park – you have to look no further than the likelihood that three of our front four (Shearer, Bellamy and Kluivert) are unlikely to be lining up for Newcastle United next season to support this suggestion.