Le big mouth strikes again

Last updated : 12 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

At least this time he seems to be hinting that he wants to leave and with Valencia and Inter reportedly waiting in the wings it could be au revoir to the work shy winger.

"You can't say I get on with my team-mates, I only get on with the foreigners," he told the News of the World.

"I have problems with the English players but I think the other French players have the same problems.

"They're afraid of us, afraid of us becoming very strong. Yes, I have the impression there's a conspiracy against me and against our foreigners in general.

"I know certain players are happy with my performances and the others think what they want. They can accuse me for not scoring but you have to be a realist.

"They don't give me the ball when we attack, whereas I do pass it. They are counting on me to provide the balls but not to score.

"Sometimes I'm all alone in a scoring position and they don't give me the ball, they prefer to give it to another player who's not in such a good position.

"If it happened once or twice I wouldn't say anything - but it hasn't stopped since the start of the season.

"Leaving the club could be a solution. But if the club no longer want me they should tell me straight.

"I have a get-out clause and I can activate it. But I don't understand anything as I'm starting in all our games."