Kinnear Will Take This Club Back 30 Years!

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dThe worst Newcastle manager since Richard Dinnis in 1977, Kinnear took us on the rocky road to hell in 2008/9 when we were relegated from the Premiership.

OK, Alan Shearer holds the unwanted distinction of being the man in the hot-seat when the deed was done, but Kinnear did the damage.

"Mr Long Ball" will fit right in with Pardew, as Newcastle had the statistic of playing more long balls than any other Premiership club last year - by a mile!

Sadly, the Premiership has moved on since Wimbledon kicked the living daylights out of the ball when Joe was at his most famous, and we haven't got a 6ft 13" battering ram as centre-forward.

Yep, the Old Guard of PR men for Mike Ashley will back the idea - Bob Moncur and Peter Beardsley - without doubt.

But deep down, the whole of Tyneside is GUTTED!

We expected - and DESERVE - better than this shit!

The Newcastle Utd job nearly killed him last time - how long before he's back in hospital?

The 66-year-old, who managed the club between 2008 and 2009, has signed a contract reportedly for three years to work alongside Pardew.

And having not yet spoken to the manager, he hopes to address that at the earliest opportunity to plan for the season ahead.

Joe Kinnear: "Alan's aware of the situation.

"I'm hoping to meet Alan sometime tomorrow to go through the team itself and where it's glaringly clear we need to be improve.

"That will be my job, to find and buy these players. I'm not picking the team, that's what the manager gets paid for. I'm there solely to see he gets the best possible team on the pitch.

"The tactics are down to him; if he wants my ideas, he can ask for them.

"I've already had two days with Graham (Carr, chief scout) and I intend to see him on Thursday morning.

"Between the three of us we will sit down and iron it out, if those two decide a player is not any good I'll listen - it's not a case of 'like it or lump it'.

"I'm as fit as a fiddle now. I'm absolutely delighted with the situation.

"I've been working out in the gym, I go for long walks, I've lost lot of weight - I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been.

"I've been waiting for the opportunity to come back. I have turned down managerial jobs in the lower leagues, because I felt I'd gone past that and I wanted to get my teeth into something in the Premier League.

"When I took over we were third from bottom, we were lying 12th when I had my heart attack and we were flying - you could get a million to one on that we were staying up.

"I had the heart attack, I don't really like talking about it, and from there we got relegated. I think the people in and around that club were trying to implicate me in the fact we got relegated when actually it was a load of crap.

"If I'd still been there that would never happened - just for the record, I've never been manager at a club that's got relegated.

"I love being back up in Newcastle, irrespective of the situation I had with the media.

"I'm one of those fellas that has to speak my mind, I'm not one that holds back - if I've got something to say, I'll say it.

"The disappointing thing, that I didn't realise when I was up there but now I'm aware of it, is that Geordies are Geordies. They want people from that area to work for that club.

"But you've got numerous international managers from all parts of the world. Would Newcastle object to somebody coming in who was Spanish, or something like that? I don't know.

"Because I wasn't a Geordie, for some reason that went against me - because my record speaks for itself, it's there for everybody to see.

"But I got over that, I maybe reacted a little bit over the top but half of the stuff that was written was very disappointing.

"It's all water under a bridge, it's all finished now."


He took Luton Town down, and Nottingham Forest were in the relegation zone when he was sacked. Gary Megson couldn't rescue Forest and they went down!

He took NEWCASTLE down in 2009, in all but name. Shearer took the flak for it ... but Kinnear did the damage.

Yep ... this is the man we have taken on ... all wind and piss!










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