Kinnear Blames The Credit Crunch For Toon Crisis!

Last updated : 29 January 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
I make no bones about it ... I long for the day we can wave the pair of them "goodbye" ... because this club is being ground into the mud!

Kinnear now understands "why so many people bottled this job" ... and we understand why Luton Town and Nottingham Forest couldn't wait to kick his arse out of the door when he was manager.

The man blames everybody and everything, but NEVER will he say a bad word about Ashley, who was at the ground to watch Newcastle last night, for the first time since August.

Joe Kinnear: "It is one thing after another and life is seriously tough at the moment.

"The credit crunch is killing us.

"Mike has lost £2billion in his own businesses and shares. He is just about paying the wages but it is not an easy situation.

"You look at Tottenham paying £16million here and £14million there. I would love to spend money like that but I can't. You can see why so many people bottled this job."