Kinnear - Nobody Wants 'Insomnia'!

Last updated : 30 January 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
Joe Kinnear: "I couldn't believe it when I was told Charles had issued a statement claiming he was insulted, apparently for nothing more than me mis-pronouncing his name in a post-match interview at Manchester City.

"Okay, I got a little tongue-tied - but if I had a pound for every time I've mis-pronounced a player's name down the years, then I'd be a very wealthy man indeed.

"There have already been plenty of quotes attributed to Charles during January, saying he is interested in leaving for other clubs. But the truth is we haven't received a formal offer for him.

"Sadly, this just smacks of a desperate attempt to engineer a move away from Newcastle United - a club that gave Charles the chance to play in the Premier League and which has rewarded him handsomely during his time at St James' Park."

In his statement, issued to Sky Sports News, N'Zogbia said: "First of all, I wish to apologise to the fans for wanting to leave the club.

"However, having been insulted by Joe Kinnear, I will never play for him again while he remains Newcastle manager.

"The club are aware there are offers on the table, and they should accept one of them."