Keegan's Blueprint To Get The Fans Back On The Waiting List!

Last updated : 26 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Kevin Keegan signed David Ginola, and he feels we have another Latin star just waiting to "play to the gallery" .... Jonas Gutierrez.

Keegan: "He is a different player, so he will establish himself in a different way.

"Jonas has got it in him to be thought of every bit as much as David Ginola, but in a different way, definitely.

"He has got so many assets. He is not just one thing or two things, he has got loads more.

"I said a few weeks ago, I think the fans are really going to take to him.

"But I think the biggest thing they will like about his performance at Old Trafford wasn't the long runs and the fact that he went past people and kept the ball well, it will just be the fact that it meant so much for him to play football and be in a team that wasn't going to be beaten."