Keegan Fears Fan Backlash!

Last updated : 30 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
He claims talks with owner Mike Ashley on Wednesday left him certain the billionaire is committed to the club ... despite Ashley refusing to be drawn into contract talks with Michael Owen, and Milner.

Young Boys of Berne defender Kamil Zayatte trained with the Magpies on Friday.

Keegan: "We have got four or five irons in the fire at the moment, two of which are pretty well down the line and three which are could bes, maybes, and he [Zayatte] is one of those could be, maybes.

"We have had him training this morning. He looks like a player who could certainly improve us.

"He plays three or four positions, and I like those sort of players.

"We will see where we go.

"I have got to talk to [executive director (football)] Dennis [Wise] and [vice-president (player recruitment)] Tony [Jimenez] about it.

"The money was there to go and buy players even if we didn't sell James Milner.

"We haven't sold James Milner to finance another deal, we sold him because we - and I mean all of us - thought it was right for everybody."

So why the hell did Keegan say on Thursday: "James Milner is the LAST player I want see leave this club"?

Keegan is covering for Ashley ... just as he has done since he rejoined the club in January.

Wise was appointed and Keegan knew NOTHING about it. The look of amazement on his face when the press reporters asked about Wise said it all.

He told the press to ask Ashley the questions about his "new appointment" because he knew nothing about it.

Yet two days later Keegan said Ashley and Chris Mort had put the idea to him ... and I don't think he convinced anyone!

Keegan: "I am really pleased with the attitude of my players.

"They hear and see a lot of things going on around the club, but they have just focussed on the main thing that their lives are about, and that is being professional footballers - and they have done it very well.

"This is a big test now for us again and we have got to see how we measure up to that."