Judge To Throw The Book At Toon Fans!

Last updated : 22 September 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor


Now let's but this into perspective - and perhaps show the pathetic state of the law system in this country.

One persistant burglar was finally jailed after breaking in 650 houses! And a druggy was finally sent to jail after he attacked a shop owner in Howden (near Tyne Tunnel) with a baseball bat ... his 60th arrest.

Some Toon and Mackem fans want a rumble ... with no-one but themselves involved ... and the buggers are going to end up behind bars.

I'm not saying it's right to kick seven bells out of each other, but it's hardly worse than some tosser breaking into the homes of pensioners and stealing what they own ... on 650 occasions!

Hells bells, I've had a good kicking in Sunderland on more than one occasion at derby games, but "that's life". At the same time I've stumbled over a few of them in the Haymarket (they do tend to fall down a lot them bloody Mackems) on other occasions.

JAIL? Howay man ... boys will be boys.

The incident involving the Toon fans took place at Newcastle Central Station on 8 August 2009.

Hundreds of Sunderland fans were passing through on their way home from a friendly match in Scotland.

The men, now aged between 18 and 51, were bailed for reports and will return to Newcastle Crown Court for sentencing on 8 October.

All face up to five years in prison.

Twenty Sunderland fans, who were also arrested following the incident, will be tried in February 2011.

The 15 Newcastle fans who admitted involvement are:

Ian Chisholm, 47, of Westacres Crescent, Benwell, Newcastle.
David Cook, 22, of Cromer Gardens, Gosforth, Newcastle.
Darren Fryer, 39, of Wallinfen, Leam Lane, Gateshead.
Bryan Heron, 41, of Clayton Street West, Newcastle city centre.
Adam Ivison, 22, of Murrayfields, West Allotment, North Tyneside.
Joseph Mattison, 51, of Acomb Street, Gateshead.
Scott Mooney, 18. Of Valley Road, Blyth, Northumberland.
Christopher Mustoe, 22, of John F Kennedy Estate, Washington.
Adam Nesbit, 41, of Tribune Place, Gateshead.
Noel Renton, 33, of Aydon Walk, West Denton.
David Routledge, 18, of Swarland Road, Blyth.
David Taylor, 21, of Sinclair Gardens, Seaton Delaval.
Lee Wales, 23, of Prince Consort Road, Gateshead.
Stephen Wales, 43, of Woodford, Gateshead.
Lewis Comber, 18, of Elsdon Avenue, Seaton Delaval, Northumberland.