Joe Wants Barton To Go 'Crazy'! Frightening!

Last updated : 04 October 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
There have been suggestions that Kinnear is out of touch with the modern game, and his 'interesting' media interviews have certainly taken aspects from the Stone Age.

However, Kinnear is looking for a leader on the park and he believes Barton can give the team the old Vinnie Jones spirit.

Barton, who will soon be available following his suspension, has (according to Kinnear) the right character to take on that role.

Sadly many don't agree, Barton does not have the 'fear factor' Jones had. 

The Toon midfielder already has players "looking for him" and I'm sure he can do without Kinnear putting a bounty on his head.

Jones was a HARD man, and there weren't too many willing to go eyeball-to-eyeball. He could take care of himself ... while Barton picks on 15 and 16 year olds.

I'm sorry Joe, but you're putting Barton up for slaughter.

Joe Kinnear: "We need somebody to be ranting and screaming information - and information has to come out on the pitch.

"We don't have that at the moment. I imagine when Joey Barton comes back that might change - he's a chirpy lad with things to say and he might improve things on the communication front.

"We certainly need people who are going to express themselves and sort things out, because you can't always do it from the touchline.

"Joey Barton, without a doubt, is one who would be in the Crazy Gang for the simple fact that he's crazy.

"He is very infectious, just like Danny Guthrie. They whizz in and out. Nicky Butt is the same and we have some really good characters in the dressing-room."