It’s disappointing - Sir Bobby

Last updated : 22 April 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"It was a clever free-kick by Nobby, but it was never easy.

"Their victory against Chelsea obviously motivated them and they were up for it and they fought very hard.

"We lost Dublin on the back post, the one dangerous header of all that they could have mustered against us, which is hard to take, really.

"I said two weeks ago that we needed three victories and a draw from the next five games to ensure it.

"Well, we've got one, so it would appear that we need three victories from the last three games.

"On paper, that's capable of doing it - but we don't play on paper. Yes, we've dropped two points and it's disappointing, but it's gone and we just have to look forward to the next three games.

"Nine points will do it, but it might be less because I'm saying nine points on the basis that all the other teams pick up maximum points as well.

"But they might not do that, so nine points might not be what is required. But that's what we've got to set ourselves as a target, and that's the agenda."

Graham Taylor

"I thought it was a good point for us, one that we never looked like we were going to get in the first half.

"The 90 minutes has pretty well represented our very inconsistent season. In the first half, we played as though we were very much letting things happen and in the second half, we played to make things happen.

"The inconsistency of our season has been a major disappointment. We've taken points off all of the six top teams now and we're in 13th position and have been looking over our shoulders.

"We were getting dragged into a relegation battle - it's crazy. It's been crazy because we shouldn't be down there.

"Twelve games ago, we won at Middlesbrough - which still remains our only league win away from home, so that tells you our problem."