It’s been a good season for us - Sir Bobby

Last updated : 04 May 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Sir Bobby

"I wouldn't say we're relieved because we always felt we could do it.

"It was always in our hands and we felt we had the ability and the resolve to do it, to finish third.

"We've made an improvement, and I think from fourth to third at the top of the Premiership is a massive step.

"It's not so massive when you're 20th and you finish 19th or if you're 19th and you finish 18th or even if you finish 18th and then finish 17th.

"But I think when you move up a place at the top, it's quite massive, so we've had an improvement.

"Our home form here has been startling really. We've lost two at home - Leeds early on when we played well and lost, and Man United when we played pretty miserably and got bashed.

"But we've recovered. We had a little blip, There was a lot of anxiety about the place - not within the players, but around as always happens - but we've stood firm in the last two games.

"It's not easy and here we are, with one game to go, we can't be beaten. I just think it's marvellous. I think it's been a good season for us.

"When you think we've played 14 extra games this season in the Champions League, we've done well. Some players here have run miles, miles, hundreds of miles.

"I honestly believe, had we beaten Man United here three Saturdays ago, we always felt within the dressing room that we might even nick it.

"We weren't going to talk about it, but we lost and on that day went our chances. But we've recovered and we've revived ourselves and finished third."

Steve Bruce (talking about Matthew Upson’s dismissal)

"The frustrating thing is the linesman, who's 10 yards away doesn't do a thing, he doesn't wave, he doesn't flag, he doesn't do anything, and Mr Elleray gives the decision from 50 yards away.

"He sends somebody off and there are 55,000 people here today watching a game of football and it just spoils the occasion, it spoils the whole game.

"I thought it was more clumsy than anything else. He (Bellamy) looked to me as if he was running away from goal not towards goal, so there's all sorts of debates and questions.

"It's Mr Elleray's last game. I'll say no more."