Is There No End To Big Sam's MOANING?

Last updated : 07 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
While the likes of Liverpool have played two games in Europe to qualify, and eight games across Europe in places like Turkey and Portugal, the Toon have been sat at home doing NOWT!

We have travelled as far as London!

"Our best chance of a trophy is the League Cup", or so says Big Sam, and we were dumped out in the early stages by Arsenal Reserves!

Now the ex-Bolton boss wants less games!

Allardyce has warned that players are being asked to perform at "dangerous" levels because of the Premier League's refusal to sanction a winter break.

The fans want Europe ... the fans wanted League Cup success ... the fans do NOT want us dumped out of every competition because the players want to play less!

And the sooner Allardyce gets to grips with running a BIG CLUB the sooner we will progress, because this guy is taking us back to the Dark Ages.

Newcastle have six days' rest before tackling Manchester United at Old Trafford, and now he says the replay with Stoke on January 16 is something he feels his squad could well do without given the fatigue they are currently experiencing.

Allardyce: "The new lads here think it is crazy that everyone else has a break and we don't.

"If they think we are crazy, then something must be wrong.

"It was our fifth game in two weeks. It is a ludicrous situation to be in. It is an over-demand on high-performing athletes. That is very dangerous indeed.

"It is too much to ask of players over the Christmas period. It would be nice to reach this point and have a two-week break, as we should do.

"Somewhere along the line - if not causing a serious injury because of fatigue - later on in life, professional players will have massive problems with hip, knee and ankle replacements and be crippled with arthritis. There is nothing more certain than that.

"You would not ask a racehorse to do what we do."