Iranian Thief Stole Gosling's Wallet!

Last updated : 28 January 2011 By Footy Mad - Editor


20-year-old Gosling had his £250 Louis Vuitton wallet snatched while he gambled at Aspers Casino in The Gate complex.

Dan Gosling: “I would like to say this has left me at a total inconvenience as I had a number of bank cards I had to re-order, and store cards.

“I am so angry that another person comes out to take something that doesn’t belong to them.”

Michael Crowe, defending, said: “Mr Gosling is a professional footballer with Newcastle United. I am surprised that he is going to find it difficult to buy a replacement. He earns no less than £20,000 a week.

“He says £250 is the cost of the wallet but we don’t know how long he had it.”

When Gosling returned to the machine and saw his wallet was gone he informed staff who watched the CCTV and identified Poursarab as the thief. No-one else has been charged in connection with the theft.

Poursarab (pictured below), is an Iranian who moved the UK eight years ago and lives with his parents in Cumberland Place, Chester-le-Street, Co. Durham.