How Newcastle's Masters Football Team Would Look in 2020

​What was it about that naff blue coloured pitch and the scattering of star names that made Masters football so great? 

The iconic competition has not been on our screens since 2011, and with little else to watch now, there is an outcry for its return. 

The sight of renewed rivalries and squabbles meant that this was no ordinary veterans six-a-side league. For the stars of the past, this was their FA Cup final, for the viewers it was sheer entertainment. 

Here's a look at the star lineup that ​Newcastle United could have if Masters football was to return in 2020, with a few rules of course...

  • Only players aged 35 or over are eligible, and they must not be currently playing, coaching, managing or have any other role at a club that isn’t only ambassadorial.
  • Where possible, club legend games will be used to narrow selection choices.
  • If a player has health conditions that would prevent them from playing, then they will not be included.

Shaka Hislop (Goalkeeper)

Shaka Hislop Newcastle's goalkeeper walks back to the nets

Age: 51

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1995-1998

Club Highlight: Helping Kevin Keegan's side to second place in 1996/97 season. 

Club Lowlight: Never truly being number one choice. 

With the likes of Shay Given and Steve Harper currently having coaching roles, there was only one man to turn to: Shaka Hislop. 

While perhaps being better known for his spells at ​West Ham, the stopper would surely be snapped up quickly by the Newcastle selectors. 

Despite his age, fans would revel at seeing the iconic former Trinidad and Tobago goalkeeper lining up with the other former greats and would surely be able to do the job in such small-sided goals. Well, you'd hope. 

Aaron Hughes (Defender) 

Damien Duff,Aaron Hughes

Age: 40

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1997-2005

Club Highlight: Scoring in the semi-final of the UEFA Intertoto Cup. (Yes, that is a highlight).

Club Lowlight: Missing a penalty in the qualifying rounds of the 2003/04 Champions League. 

What a defender! The versatile Northern Irishman was a mainstay in the Premier League for a number of years, amassing 455 appearances without getting sent off, a record only bettered by Ryan Giggs. 

The former Fulham man established himself in Sir Bobby Robson's side in the 1999/2000 season, before going on to make 110 caps for his country. 

Interestingly, he's now a pundit for the Indian Super League. 

Nobby Solano (Midfielder) 

Nolberto Solano

Age: 45

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1998-2004, 2005-2007

Club Highlight: Being an absolute legend. 

Club Lowlight: That he had to leave. 

Imagine him tearing up the blue turf! The Peruvian footballing icon is a must have in midfield for this side. 

In his home country the man is a superstar, with his wedding a televised event. 

Equally, he is a gifted Trumpet player and has formed his own salsa band the Geordie Latinos in tribute to his former club. What a legend. 

Kieron Dyer (Midfielder) 

Keiron Dyer

Age: 41

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1999-2007

Club Highlight: Fighting with his own team mate - Lee Bowyer - on the pitch. 

Club Lowlight: Injury, injury and injury. 

Despite his injury issues and his off the field perception at the time, the former Ipswich man was a gifted player in his time in the north. 

While he struggled to really reignite his career after leaving St James' Park, perhaps Masters football could showcase his talent. 

He might even get in another scrap if you're lucky. 

Laurent Robert (Forward) 

Laurent Robert

Age: 44 

Years Spent at Newcastle: 2001-2006

Club Highlight: Every time he took a free kick.

Club Lowlight: Fell out with the club and left. 

Just picture Laurent Robert ripping the likes of Danny Mills or Martin Keown apart on the Masters football pitch. 

The wide-man may have been infuriatingly inconsistent at the club, but his penchant for a long range effort made him a cult hero, even to this day. 

He also played his part in the cult film Goal!, as it his free-kick that is used for Santiago Munez's winner against Liverpool at the end of the film. What a curler and what a film!

Alan Shearer (Forward) 

Alan Shearer

Age: 49

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1996-2006

Club Highlight: All of the 206 goals he scored for his boyhood side. 

Club Lowlight: Managing the club...

No Newcastle lineup would be complete without Shearer in the side. The sight of his arm aloft after tucking another one away is a must for Masters football. 

He may be 49 now, but there is no doubt the Match of the Day pundit could still do a job up top as the leader of the side. 

Another one who might liked a scrap and a rivalry in his day. 


Jermaine Jenas (Midfielder)

Newcastle's Jermaine Jenas (R) celebrate

Age: 37

Years Spent at Newcastle: 2002-2005

Club Highlight: Helping Newcastle qualify for the Champions League

Club Lowlight: Thinking he's better than he was. 

Despite not being everyone's favourite pundit, there is no doubting that Jenas was a talented player. 

While not exactly a Newcastle legend, his 'youth' would be a valuable asset in the Masters game. Would also be interesting to see him lined up alongside Shearer as the two - supposedly - aren't exactly best mates, after Jenas claimed he was better than everyone at Newcastle. 

We do love an interesting dynamic. 

Andy O'Brien (Defender)

Morton Gamst Pedersen,Andy O'Brien

Age: 40

Years Spent at Newcastle: 2001-2005

Club Highlight: Scoring against Sunderland.

Club Lowlight: Breaking his nose multiple times.

While he may not be a big name like the other members of this team, O'Brien would be an able deputy to Aaron Hughes when required. 

Such is the age of the players involved in Masters football, the subs are often vitally important and used frequently. With 170 club appearances for the club in his four year spell, he's not a bad option to have on the bench. 

A proper defender. 

Faustino Asprilla (Forward)

Faustino Asprilla

Age: 50

Years Spent at Newcastle: 1996-1998

Club Highlight: Scoring three against ​Barcelona in the Champions League

Club Lowlight: THAT fur coat. 

Okay, age may not be on his side, but Masters football is more about seeing the big names rather than whether they can run or not. 

The former explosive striker may no longer have his pace, but as a tasty option on the bench he adds a real threat to the Newcastle side. 

Interestingly, he's also brought out his own range of his condoms as well. What a versatile man.

Source : 90min