How Long Will Taylor Last Before Another Breakdown?

Last updated : 09 February 2016 By Footy Mad - Editor

The fans have long said "get him fit and sell him on" because he never lasts long in the first team.

He won't see the season out ... and we all know it.

“I’ve been dying to get back out there for ages so I’m absolutely loving it,” he said. “I feel a million dollars. I’ve come back from Qatar fitter and stronger.

“When you’re not playing you’re always going to be written off but I like proving people wrong. It’s nice for a lot of people to eat their words. I play with my heart and soul but we need characters. When you play for Newcastle you need a bit of fruit and veg down there, you’ve got to hold your own.

“I threw myself at everything and, yeah, wound West Brom up a bit. Our team’s been a little quiet in the last few months so I livened things up. It seemed to work on a few of their players – they were moaning and it put them off their game.”