Henry defends JJ

Last updated : 15 August 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor
Jermaine Jenas was sent from the park at Highbury for a rash tackle that many of us felt saw the end of any proposed move to Arsenal. He has been linked with a move to North London, with Spurs joining Arsenal in the chase. But that tackle brought uproar from the Arsenal players and it seemed, at that time, the deal was dead.

However, Thierry Henry came to the players defence saying "Jermaine Jenas is not a dirty player, and I think he was unlucky being sent off". Not only that, but manager Graeme Souness says he deserves some of the flak because he felt part-responsible for the red card as he ordered the midfielder to be more aggressive just moments before the tackle.
Talking at a press conference the ex-Blackburn boss tried to take the pressure of JJ. "I blame myself," said Souness. "About 10 seconds before the tackle I was standing on the touchline telling JJ to be stronger in the tackle. He was stronger in the tackle and that happened to him.
"He is very down about it and he has every right to be because it was a wrong decision. That decision changed the game for us. I'm certain that with 11 men on the pitch we would have got something from the game."