Greetings From Frankfurt

Last updated : 30 November 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
Hello folks, well Im here in sunny (or rather lack of it) Frankfurt.
Got here ok yesterday, flights were on time but the bus journey from the airport to the city centre was a bit of a trek to say the least.
We are staying at the Hotel Galluswarte which reminds me of the Bonny Brae that put us up whenever we stayed over at Blackpool for games in Lancashire. A bit of a hovel. We were moved here from the hotel we were supposed to be staying at, but its a bed for a couple of nights.
The owner didnt seem to keen on us as we are English and put us in the basement room which is very basic and one of the lads knackered the bed as soon as he sat on it!
We went on a bit of a pub crawl last night but it was a struggle to find some bars. We went to a couple down near the river but hardly any sign of Geordies around, a quick taxi ride to the central station and to a Irish bar called O'REILLYS which was jumping. The atmosphere was brilliant in there last night, some old terrace songs were sung and that seems to be the main bar to go to today.
After there we staggered to the red light area and ended up in a lap dance bar which was well seedy to say the least.

We will be heading back to that irish bar in an hour or so as that will be the main pub to go to as there didnt seem many pubs around there, not like back home where you come out of one and onto another.
This is Denis Taylor reporting ... talk to you folks after the match.