Given vows to improve

Last updated : 17 January 2003 By Martyn Elliott

Despite some lapses in form this season Shay is still one of the best in the Premiership, but he’s planning to get even better.

"Sometimes you come off and you've maybe conceded two or three goals. You haven't made any other saves at all and you maybe think you haven't contributed to the team's performance," said the World Cup star.

"But as a goalkeeper you get games like that. That's life, that's football sometimes.

"On other days you come off and you've made some good saves and kept your team in it. It just depends on the game.

"You're always concentrating on your own game, concentrating on videos and seeing what you could have done better.

"But I haven't made too many errors. You do focus on goals, and it's always easier when you're sitting in your armchair. But you just try to see what you could have done better and take that into the next game."