From Coward To Idiot? Savage On The Up!

Last updated : 10 December 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor

... Birmingham skipper Damien Johnson.

Johnson was incensed when Savage claimed on Sky Sports that "a part of me was glad" the Blues were relegated from the Premiership last May.

Johnson told the Birmingham Mail: "I saw what Sav said on television and there was no need for him to stir things up like he did. People say Sav is Sav but he's just an idiot. I was getting so angry at his comments that I felt like driving down to the studio myself.

"He was asked whether he was pleased we got relegated and he sat there, smirking, and said 'yes, a part of me was glad'. Then he started on about the Mark Bowen issue and I thought 'what's all this about?' I was really annoyed. There was no need for him to start going on like he did."

So there you have it. Confirmation of what we all knew all along.