Former Toon Star Says Newcastle Could Do A Leeds!

Last updated : 27 April 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

John Beresford: "I don't think the club is set up for them to be relegated.

"I think that the players they've got there don't suit The Championship, and I think the fans are that disillusioned with the way things have gone this season that I don't think they'll react well to it.

"If certain teams dropped, such as Stoke or Hull, they'd cope with it. Even to a point Blackburn, I think they could bounce back. Newcastle can't - I can't stress it enough.

"I think there's so much pressure around the place, I'm up there every week and I talk to the fans and you can sense it - there's an unbelievable amount of tension that's going to be happening there on Monday night.

"If they don't win against Portsmouth, I think they will go down. A draw is not good enough.

"He's (Alan Shearer) very, very loud - probably the most vocal player I have played with, oh yes. He will be getting them up for it, don't worry about that.

"The reason Alan was brought in is because it was desperate stakes. When Joe (Kinnear) was unwell Chris Hughton was a great coach, but as a caretaker manager he just hasn't been able to get results. So it was literally a last throw of the dice, and I think it was the right decision.

"Alan's come in and given the place a great lift, the fans have reacted to it, and the players are trying to. But it's like anything, the league table never ever lies. You are there because of the form.

"The biggest problem with the players is actually handling the pressure at St James' Park. I think when Alan came in against Chelsea, Chelsea were magnificent and just ground them away - they slowed the game down and took the wind out of their sails. I think he got a decent result against Stoke.

"But always on the horizon he was thinking: 'I've got these three home games'. They can put up another monument for Alan Shearer if he gets these three games, because I think they will.

"If they get seven points out of them games I believe they will survive."