Emre Accused Of "Bad Language"

Last updated : 10 December 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor

Reading manager Steve Coppell has hit out at Glenn Roeder following the Newcastle boss' critical comments in midweek when he claimed that Emre had been on the receiving end of a volley of four-lettered abuse at half-time from Royals coach Wally Downes.

Roeder sad he would not make an official complaint but felt Reading were well out of order.

Coppell: "Glenn has taken the high moral ground saying he is not going to take it any further but to be honest he shouldn't have said anything publicly - he should have spoken to me first of all. And how can you take the high moral ground when the etiquette of protecting injured players was abused by Newcastle in the second half.

"Their bench said it was a player who didn't understand but their bench still had an opportunity to stop them boxing us in when the ball went in the corner.
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

"I have to defend my staff. There were words exchanged as Emre had just fouled, or tried to foul, one of my players. My coach has been reported as saying "hey, what the **** is going on?" and that's all he said. It was not a personal slur yet for whatever reason the player was very angry about it.

"He swore at our people - in Italian for some reason - little knowing that our goalkeeping coach is Italian. So what Wally said and what he said in their respective languages there was no comparison.

"The word Emre used was "putana", which I think is fairly well known from Italian films."