Dowie: 'We Never Said There Was No Injury'!

Last updated : 15 April 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

Iain Dowie: "There hasn't been a falling out with Obafemi Martins and the matter has been dealt with.

"It's gone and it's in the past and he has said he is fully behind the cause here.

"We never said there wasn't an injury .

"All Alan expressed was his disappointment was that he had not been told about the injury until 11.15 on the Saturday morning, which was too late.

"It was disappointing that's all because we had been working on a system all week and then had to scrap it at the last minute because of the injury to Oba. There is no bad feeling.

"He has gone away for a scan and hopefully the prognosis will be a good one and he will be back involved quickly because he is an important player for us.

"The communication should have been better but to be fair to Oba he was desperate to be involved and maybe that was why he kept quiet about the injury."