Don't Look Back In Anger!

Last updated : 16 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Kevin Keegan : "You have to get to a point when you say, 'Don't look back, let's look at nine games left'.

"There is Birmingham and Fulham, we have got Reading and Sunderland to come here, and we know we have got to go to Spurs and Portsmouth.

"We have got Chelsea to come here as well - they are the games to focus on.

"The ones that have gone, disappointing as they have been, are confined to history now.

"We can only affect what is coming.

"At places like Liverpool, you can defend well and, as we saw, go down to a fluke goal. We needed that bit of luck, not them.

"We could have done with that break, but when you are not getting results, things like that go against you.

"I look back at the Middlesbrough game and Michael Owen's (disallowed) goal, and Barnsley knocked Chelsea out (of the FA Cup) with that exact same goal, almost.

"Michael's was probably half the challenge that was.

"If you get a win, you get a smile on the players' faces when they come in, and not this feeling of 'Oh, not again' and of them feeling sorry for themselves.

"Results make football clubs. You win a game and everything is okay.

"You build them up after losing, sometimes unluckily, but it is pretty tough on them."