Do You Shiver Everytime Llambias Opens His Gob?

Last updated : 04 November 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor


Everytime Llambias stands there, like a cocky relic from the 1930's, with those Neville Chamberlain glasses  and "Peace in our time" speeches ... I want to put my fist right down his throath.

For those who don't know who Chamberlain was: he was the old guy who went to Adolf Hitler and told the rascal he wanted a piece of paper confirming the Nazis would not cause a war in Europe.

Hitler gladly signed a piece of bog paper and sent him on his way. Just like our very own Adolf Hitler does to Derek Llambias.

He claims today that Ashley never intended changing the name of St James' Park, and that Chris Hughton WILL get money in the January transfer window ... so long as it is £1m and spent on kids!

Derek Llambias: “The money that Mike put in last week was to cover costs like wages and so on because we wanted to keep the core of a squad together which would have the best possible chance of being able to get us promoted this season.

“It has not been put aside for transfers. However, we have had a meeting with Chris last week and we have told him we will do whatever we can whenever he needs it.

“We are looking at it now, at this moment we are looking at players he has given us the names of.

“If he wants a player, we ask for the name and the position and then we will try to sign them. At the moment, in our present circumstances, we would prefer that to be loan signings.

“However, in January, when the transfer window opens, if Chris sees a player he wants to buy for a million quid or so we will go out and get him for the team.

“We are particularly interested in player under the age of 22 because we have always had an idea of building something for the future as well as the present. We are currently talking to two 16 year-olds from Ireland who we are going to sign for our Academy.

“But there will be money invested in the team because the most important thing is getting us up – and if Chris feels the team is short in a particular area, we want to be able to do something about it for him.”