Did Bolton Snub Guthrie?

Last updated : 23 August 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
The Journal: "Kevin Keegan's brand of football was the decisive factor in Danny Guthrie's decision to snub Bolton Wanderers for Newcastle United this summer."

Yet Bolton boss Gary Megson said this week he "wished the player well", but was happy to let him go.

Guthrie: "For me it was the style of football.

"Plus Newcastle's a much bigger club but one of the big reasons was the difference in the style of play.

"The manager's always a massive part. Once I spoke to him there's no question where I wanted to be, he fills you with confidence.

"You have to see the pictures (of the 12,000 who turned up for open day) to believe it really, it was unbelievable, you wouldn't get that at many other clubs.

"I understand the fans want big names, and it's always the case with a young player.

"Hopefully I'll become a big name in the future.

"It was a massive point at United. We were massive underdogs but we believed in ourselves and I think we surprised a lot of people.

"We've got to make sure it doesn't go to waste. If we don't win our home game it'll make what we did last Sunday a bit of a waste of time and we have to capitalise on it. There's more pressure on, it's different this week when you're expected to win."