Diatta Will Get His Chance In Toon Worrying Defence!

Last updated : 09 March 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Kevin Keegan signed Diatta on a free transfer, but says the Senegal skipper is not match fit.

But Newcastle's hopeless defence had the Toon Army squirming everytime Liverpool pushed forward. Enrique looked as though he was playing left-back for the first time in his life ... as he drifted out of position time and time again. Taylor and Faye were pulled one way, then the other, and they have not formed anything like a partnership.

So what will Diatta bring us?

Keegan: "Habib (Beye) knows him very well and I have been very impressed by his attitude.

"He'll benefit us from the fact that he's a centre-half and an international player. He's captain of Senegal and has vast experience.

"I've been very impressed and, while we've been unable to sign players, in this case we have because of his circumstances.

"What Lamine has done is come over and been very honest and showed in a determined way what you have to do to earn a contract, and after four days I felt it was the sensible thing to do.

"He might take a week to get fit and there's a language problem. He speaks a little English but isn't fluent.

"But the deal is common sense and I see it as an insurance policy."