Cort not the unanimous choice

Last updated : 27 January 2004 By Martyn Elliott

Apparently the man who once dubbed himself ‘The Golden Tit’, Jack Hayward, was the prime questioner of the move, citing Cort’s poor record with injuries as his main concern.

Hayward junior allowed manager Dave Jones to push the move through and will be hoping that he gets better value for his £2million than United did for their £7million.

"We have been watching him for a long time and it was not a unanimous decision on the board," the Wolves chairman told Sky Sports.

"My father and various other people were questioning it but you have to do your homework beforehand.

"Carl has gone through rigorous testing. I met him a few days ago and chatted to him and I believe he is a good signing.

"He did for Wimbledon, but a number of things went wrong for him at Newcastle.

"Carl is still only 26, is big and we need players like that up front."