Colback The Wrong Player At The Wrong Time?

Last updated : 15 April 2017 By Footy Mad - Editor

Surely I’m not the only fan who thinks Jack Colback is an utter liability?

I was staggered to see Rafa bring him (and  Diame) on to consolidate a 1-0 lead against Leeds.

Rarely the manager to go for attacking options, Rafa prefers the one goal advantage and close out the game.

This time it backfired ... BIG TIME! 

Image result for Newcastle 1 Leeds 1How many times has Colback given away brainless free-kicks in dangerous positions? And he did it within a minute of coming on the pitch.

We will no doubt gain promotion, possibly by three or four points, but we should really be up by now.

On another side to the story, I'm sure the fans will be pleased to be out of this league if only for a betterstandard of refereeing because this season has been appalling! 

Summed up last night when a free kick was given on the half-way line and Shelvey was spoken to by the referee for playing the ball straight away.

"Take it when I blow the whistle" said the referee. At what place on the pitch does that rule come into action? 

It has baffled me for years. But NEVER from the halfway line.