Carver Is Well Wide Of The Mark With Fans!

Last updated : 20 May 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

But assistant manager John Carver told Sky Sports News that Pardew's problems have been "put to bed" and he will start the season from scratch.

If that is what he believes ... he could be in for one hell of a shock!

A new season - same fans - same manager.

John Carver: "We were actually in a difficult situation but the fact that they have come out and announced their decision is great.

"There was a lot of speculation towards the end of the season.

"We can enjoy our summer holidays and look forward to the new season and hope to build on what we achieved this year.

"First it's important Pardew has a good break because there has been a lot of pressure on us and he has had to deal with it.

"All of us have had to deal with it and it's good it's been put to bed.

"Pardew will be working tirelessly as the club have already. Just because the season is over doesn't mean that we start working now.

"We started working one or two years ago on players. All the work will have been done behind the scenes and hopefully when we start the new season we'll have a number of new faces."