Carroll Never 'Graced' No 9 Shirt

Last updated : 18 January 2012 By Footy Mad - Editor


Today the newspapers have been telling us of the great players who have worn that shirt, but two players should not be included.

Newcastle didn't use numbers on their shirts until the late 1930's and Hughie Gallacher didn't wear a number on his Toon shirt.

Then there is Andy Carroll, who was given the shirt for half a season ... but come on ... he's hardly a Ferdinand, Supermac or Shearer ... is he!

Alan Pardew: "He's not young, he's a good age. He is in the prime of his career. He has been under pressure in is career, so he understands it.

"He is going to be surprised at the pressure that comes with this, but I think he will attack it in an honest way. He's an honest footballer and I think our fans appreciate that.

"I hope they have a little bit of patience at the start because he is going to find it difficult to get in the team, let alone be worthy of the jersey, so I hope our fans are patient with him and give him every opportunity.

"I have tried to explain that to the player, but I don't think he is going to understand it until he arrives."

Cisse: "Yes, number nine. I talked a lot about that with the manager and he made sure I knew that the number nine is a number that is not a big number, it is a legendary number for this team.

"I promise that I will do what is required of me wearing this number.

"What I want to do is show I am worth the money to make people confident in me. They have brought me here and I don't want to disappoint them.

"I want to do my best to show them they were right to have confidence in me, and I want to pay them back."