Campbell Calls Us 'Idiots'!

Last updated : 03 August 2010 By Footy Mad - Editor

Oh dear ... is the 35-year-old former England centre-back huffed enough to do ANOTHER runner ... like he did at Notts County last season?

The fact is - he looked a fat disgrace!

And with a couple of weeks to go before the new season ... just what mentality has this man got?

He knows the season is just around the corner; he wants to be involved; he wants to pick up his £35,000-plus per week wages; so WHY didn't he do what every other player does and KEEP IN SHAPE?

There are no excuses ... nothing he says will wash ... he is a FAT DISGRACE!

Sol Campbell: ‘I had been training for three days – just three days. I’m three weeks behind everyone else in pre-season. Don’t they know I’ve just got married and been on honeymoon?

‘I accept that the picture wasn’t very flattering, and I do need to catch up on my level of fitness, but the training kit was not very flattering and showed up all sorts of things.

‘The truth is that I am now in better shape than when I started off back at Arsenal after a long lay-off. I got myself back into shape at Arsenal and I think I had a reasonably good end half of the season.

‘I am a naturally big guy but I cannot rush my conditioning, otherwise trying too much too quickly could result in injuries.

‘I’ve seen it all before, done it all before, heard it all before but that means I also know exactly what to do.

'It’s a long season and I cannot listen to idiots. I know these things cannot be rushed. What I do know is that I will achieve peak fitness given the time I need to do it. It might be that I will need to play and then put in extra training in between games.

‘My message is simple: I am knuckling down and want to play my football with a great club and a great manager. Then you can judge me.’