Buyer Forks Out Money For NUFC

Last updated : 31 March 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor

NUFC are registered as Newcastle United Football Company but they're naturally none too impressed.

34-year-old Keith Kelly said: "I was on the Companies House website looking to see which companies are registered and discovered Newcastle wasn't registered as `club', but as a `company' which I thought was a little strange.

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"So I put in for it myself and, to my surprise, I got it.

"I didn't want anything for it - just for the certificates to hang on my wall and for me to be able to say to my mates that I own Newcastle United.

"I paid for Newcastle United FC too, because that was not listed either.

"I'm a fan myself - have been all my life - and was proud and excited to get the companies set up in those names. I couldn't believe nobody else had already done so."

A spokesman for Companies House added: "As far as Companies House is concerned Newcastle United Football Company Ltd and Newcastle United Football Club Ltd are separate companies."