Bruce Blames Rafa Tactics

Last updated : 24 September 2019 By Footy Mad - Editor

Steve Bruce:

“In the first half in particular (against Brighton) we weren’t good enough and left ourselves open.

“It’s pretty evident to me after being here eight weeks of why we can’t open up, if we do that, we’re going to find it a struggle like we did in the first half, it wasn’t until we closed shop a little bit, even at home, that maybe got us a point.”

Quite incredible that this is how this joker sees the Brighton match.

In fact it was the absolute opposite, only late on when Allan Saint-Maximin came on and Newcastle tried to attack, did they look a bit more secure at the back, due to the ball being up the other end.

He says the players are still playing the way Rafa taught them.

Steve Bruce:

“We found it a struggle and we will find it a struggle.

“You learn something and you try something.

“The vast majority (of Newcastle’s players) have played a certain way for a good two or three years and I can understand that.

“What I have learnt today (against Brighton) is that we can’t leave ourselves open and try and get after teams because people will play through us.

“That’s what I’ve learnt. There’s a certain way the whole group has played and I can understand why.”