Bowyer's Uneasy Peace With Souness

Last updated : 27 December 2005 By Footy Mad - Editor

Lee Bowyer picked up another red card on Boxing Day, to add to his troubles that never seem to go away.

Only last week magistrates were told midfielder the ex-Leeds player reached 132mph in his silver Porsche 911 before he was stopped by police on a 70mph stretch of the A1 near Morpeth when he was followed for more than eight miles before he stopped.

He didn't officially put in a transfer request, but he did have words with Graeme Souness asking for him to be released in the January transfer window so he could return to London. But his number one target - Charlton Athletic - said they didn't have the funds to buy him or pay his wages.

He wants to be away, and Souness wouldn't back him at Anfield when the red card he picked up looked very harsh. And you get that feeling there is an uneasiness between player and manager, like there was with Craig Bellamy and Laurent Robert, that never seems to go away.

Graeme Souness: "Lee Bowyer has made it known he wants to be in London playing his football. He feels he's been out of London long enough. That's my take on it.

"Lee's our player and until someone comes along with an offer, we accept he'll remain our player. But he wants to go back home, it's not footballing reasons because he's started far more games for me than he's not. You have to ask others at the club if they're keen to keep him."