Bookies Suspend Betting On Cabaye!

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Ladbrokes’s odds dropped to 8/13 on him joining the French club, but they quickly suspended the market after a flurry of bets were placed.

They claim it is only a matter of "hours" before the Frenchman returns to Paris.

Cabaye is due to face Norwich City tomorrow night unless there are more developments over the next 24 hours, and Alan Pardew expressed his feelings today that he expects a deal to be done.

The odds on the 28-year-old joining PSG dropped dramatically after Alan Pardew’s press conference this afternoon, when the Magpies manager admitted he was not confident of keeping the player.

Pardew also insisted Newcastle would need to replace Cabaye this month if the Frenchman were to leave.

Suggesting he would rather see it happen NOW rather than Friday.

NUFC Fans United Meeting
Tyneside Irish Centre, Monday 20th January 2014

NUFC Fans United’s Forum representative, Steve Hastie reported back on the second fans forum which was held on January 6th. It had originally been due to take place on December 16th. Steve felt that there was nothing untoward in the postponement, as the club’s Secretary Lee Charnley and Finance Director John Irving had been called to a meeting in London that day on unavoidable club business.

As in the previous fans forum meeting, Steve explained that the club once again answered an array of questions on various topics. He felt that whilst in the first meeting the club had been open from the start, this time they seemed to be more reserved - perhaps following the banning of NUST – though they did open up more as the meeting went on, and encouraging progress was made.

Steve reported that as requested, he along with a number of other forum members called for NUFC to reinstate NUST to the forum (as was agreed by those present at the last NUFC Fans Utd meeting in November). However, the club insisted that the bans on both NUST and NCJ Media are not negotiable or up for discussion.

The topic of payments and costs between Newcastle United and Sports Direct was also raised at the forum meeting. Steve said that the panel were told that Mike Ashley sees Newcastle United and Sports Direct as two separate entities. The point was made by the club that Ashley owns 100% of NUFC and 64% of Sports Direct. NUFC are able to benefit by using Sports Directs buying power which means merchandise for the club shop can be bought in bulk cheaper. The money that NUFC pays to Sports Direct and which was reflected in the Sports Direct accounts, (£498,000) is to cover shipping, storage and handling of NUFC stores merchandise, as NUFC uses Sports Direct for these services. Other details concerning specific Forum related matters can be viewed in the forum minutes which are available on the clubs official website.

A number of questions were then put to Steve about the validity of the fans forum and concern was raised about what would happen if NUFC Fans Utd did or said something that the club didn’t like. Steve made it clear that if NUFC Fans Utd disagree with the club on matters, it will be made known, as has been the case on a number of occasions. The fans forum should be viewed as positive and valid as it allows for dialogue between the club and its supporters and it is important to use this as a vehicle to raise concerns, suggestions and opinions with the club. Respectful, open and honest dialogue is the only way forward for both club and supporters.

Following the first fans forum meeting and the subsequent banning of NUST there was one resignation from the fans forum panel, which was subsequently filled. There was concern from some regarding the process as to how this vacancy was filled as the process seemed to happen very quickly and quietly.

Concern was expressed that Supporter Liaison Officer Lee Marshall was not in attendance and whether this meant NUFC���s interest in NUFC Fans Utd was declining? Steve explained that Lee was aware of the meeting but sent his apologies. He was unable to attend as he had media duties at the FA Youth Cup match at St James’ Park. Lee intends to attend future NUFC Fans Utd meetings mainly as an observer; gauging opinion, although he will hopefully be available to answer some questions and to speak with supporters one to one after the meetings.

Despite the club’s non-negotiable stance on the NUST ban, the meeting’s attendees still felt that although NUST should have adhered to the rules of the fans forum, and had disrespected the forum and its members in not doing so, NUFC Fans Utd should continue to support the call for their reinstatement. One suggestion was made that NUST appear in front of the fans forum panel to explain their actions, before the panel themselves vote on whether NUST are reinstated.

A question was asked regarding dialogue with NUST and it was made clear that NUST are and always have been welcome to attend NUFC Fans Utd meetings. An email was sent to them inviting them to this meeting; as there have been for all of our meetings. Sadly, there was no response. 

Again, a number of ticketing issues have been raised, in particular the difficulties many people have experienced trying to buy tickets for the Sunderland game. There has been a lot of anger that people spent hours on a premium rate phone line or online trying to obtain tickets for the game, and yet many of those who purchased tickets have been put up for sale on websites such as Viagogo and Gumtree at higher than face value prices. This in turn has raised an issue amongst many fans re the difference between Viagogo and ticket touting. One attendee who had experience of Viagogo was able to talk directly about how they saw the process working for them.

Steve explained that he had taken the matter up with the club to obtain the facts and their opinion on these matters and advised that the club see Viagogo as the safe option as it guarantees the buyer the match ticket and the seller their money. A season ticket holder selling their seat for example simply has their card deactivated for that particular game, whilst the buyer receives a paper ticket, and the club are aware of who is sitting in that seat. Therefore, should any incidents arise, the season ticket holder would not be held responsible. If this was sold outside of Viagogo, the buyer cannot be traced and therefore the seller would be held responsible for any trouble caused by anyone using their ticket.

However, sales of tickets on other online forums or websites is considered by the club to be ticket touting and it is actively looking in particular into the issue of tickets for the derby that are currently featured on sites such as Gumtree.

Issues were raised concerning problems with away tickets, particularly at the West Bromwich Albion match on New Years Day. A number of supporters had obtained their ticket legitimately through the club (NUFC) only to find that they could not gain access to the stadium as someone had already entered with a ticket for their seat. It was felt that this was caused by the club’s travel group system and tickets being cancelled and reissued. The way the Travel Group system works is also causing problems as these groups are created from who people have applied with and travelled to away matches with previously. Often the tickets are sent to the person in the group with the most amount of points. This has meant on occasions people have bought tickets but they have then been sent by the club to people who either are not going to the away match concerned or aren’t travelling with the buyer on that occasion. This is causing confusion, anxiety, chasing around and tickets going missing. This often means fans are travelling to away games without tickets they’ve paid for to have a ticket reissued to them by the home club. This in itself has left fans feeling anxious and apprehensive and the queuing and waiting around involved at the home club has impacted on the enjoyment of their away trip.
It was also reported that on many occasions, supporters were finding that travel group tickets were coming up short and families were struggling to have issues resolved to their satisfaction and having to rely on tickets being left at the visiting club’s ticket office for collection.

Concern was also raised about the telephone ordering process and the long waits encountered by many supporters in trying to purchase tickets for the Sunderland fixture. Anecdotal evidence was put forward regarding callers being held in a queue for up to 5 hours and running up expensive call charges (in some instances over £35). This must be regarded as totally unacceptable.

It was generally felt amongst the meeting’s attendees that the ticket office has been poorly ran for many years, but that it is currently worse than ever and that many fans have little confidence in the way that it is currently administered and organised. Some believe that the whole matter of grouping tickets and family and friends ticketing arrangements needs reviewing and that the club should set up a working group that includes supporters with experience of much of the problems and issues to enable it to come up with a more manageable system of group ticket purchases.

A suggestion was put forward for a St Patricks Day charity event on the evening of the 17th March at the Number 9 Bar on Stowell Street, with a talk-in compared by former NUFC player Joe Allon and featuring some Irish ex-NUFC players, as well as a quiz. Funds will go to the Stroke Association. This is a UK-wide charity, but it is currently trying to raise its profile in the North East. It was agreed that this should be explored further, with a view that the event takes place. Further information would be posted on our social media sites once arrangements were formalised.
Steve Wraith informed the meeting that he will be doing a Fire Walk in aid of the said charity at the Baltic on March 20th and donations can be made via his Just Giving page.

The Newcastle United Foundation has been working on a heritage project documenting the club’s history, which will result in an exhibition at the Discovery Museum running from February 8th to October 5th; Recommended attendance for all supporters, young and old.

The Number 9, the online fanzine was launched this summer and NUFC Fans Utd have taken over its publication from Steve Wraith. A transitional issue was released over the Christmas period and it is planned to produce two more editions this season with the next being released in late February. It is hoped that many of the fanzines writers will continue with the fanzine, but we welcome anyone who would like to contribute articles on a casual or regular basis. The suggestion was raised that NUFC Fans Utd ask the fans themselves what sort of issues and articles they would like the fanzine to cover, and that this could be done via the website, email and social media. The online blog ‘Shite Seats’ announced that they are producing their own fanzine (which will be a traditional hard copy) with the first issue coming out in February. Both fanzines will be great additions to an already burgeoning fanzine scene in the North East.

Bill Corcoran addressed the meeting and informed us of a letter from Chi Onwura, the Labour MP for Newcastle Central (the constituency in which St James’ Park is located) Which she asked him to read out to the meeting. Chi has recently met with fellow MP Alison McGovern regarding ways that Labour could improve fan governance and increase supporter participation in the running of football clubs. Their findings so far have concluded that fan organisations are fragmented and that this impairs the opportunity for supporters to play a bigger role in becoming involved with the running of their clubs. Labour is currently developing policy and Chi hopes that NUFC Fans Utd will work with them to formulate opinions and ideas on this matter. It is hoped that NUFC fans will play and active roll in this.

The meeting ended with a wonderfully full, frank and open discussion on a number of matters that impact directly and or indirectly on our clubs supporter base, including ♯Time4change, MAOC, Fan group relationships and the strength of NUFC Fan Unity.

Newcastle United Fixtures 

Tuesday January 28 - 19:45 Norwich City v Newcastle United
Saturday February 1- 12:45 Newcastle United v Sunderland
Saturday February 8 - 15:00 Chelsea v Newcastle United
Wednesday February 12 - 19:45 Newcastle United v Tottenham


1 Arsenal 51
2 Man City 50
3 Chelsea 49
4 Liverpool 43
5 Tottenham 43
6 Everton 41
7 Man Utd 37
8 Newcastle 36
9 Southampton 31
10 A Villa 24
11 Hull City 23
12 Norwich 23
13 Stoke City 22
14 West Brom 21
15 Swansea  21
16 C Palace 20
17 Fulham 19
18 West Ham 18
19 Sunderland 18
20 Cardiff 18


What Is It Like For Visiting Supporters?

Away fans are housed on one side of the new South Stand, on one side of the ground. As you would expect from a new stand the facilities and view of the playing action are good. The normal allocation in this area is 2,500 fans although this can be increased further for cup games. If you are located at the very back of this stand then you can enjoy some fine views across the city, including Norwich Cathedral. The Club I found to be particularly friendly and relaxed. I certainly would rate it as one of the better away days, even though it seems an eternity to get there. As Delia Smith is on the board of Norwich City, the food available within the ground has been spruced up a fair bit and is very good. The Club even bake their own pies which not only include the usual array such as steak & kidney, chicken & mushroom, but also a number of 'matchday specials' (which change from game to game) such as beef in red wine gravy & cheese, mushroom and garlic.

Tom Jameson a visiting Sheffield United fan informs me; 'I recently visited Carrow Road and found it to be a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere which made for a very enjoyable day out. The stand is very modern, and offers a decent view of the action with plenty of leg room. One problem I did encounter was the tendency of the stewards to order away supporters to keep seated throughout the game. This led to our fans singing 'Sit down, if you hate Wednesday' instead of the usual 'Stand up, if you hate Wednesday' and 'Sit down, stand up, which did not go down too well with the stewards who in my mind very harshly ejected one supporter from the stadium. So it is advisable to comply with the steward requests, although I did find it all rather annoying'.

Where To Drink?

The main pub for away fans is the 'Compleat Angler', which is located opposite the railway station. It is situated on a river bank and has a nice outside terrace outside overlooking the river. The pub itself is a bit basic but offers food and is away fan friendly. It is a about a ten minute walk away from Carrow Road. Otherwise Norwich has a number of pubs located in its centre, in fact on one visit I found a number of good pubs situated in-between the train station and the ground, that were friendly. In fact I almost ended up being a pub crawl before the match had begun!

Rob Emery informs me; 'Not far away from the ground and towards the City Centre a new leisure complex called the Riverside has opened. This has a number of drinking and eating establishments, including a Wetherspoons Lloyds No.1 outlet. Whilst Nicholas Mead suggests; 'the Coach and Horses on Thorpe Road brews its own beer and is around a 10 minute walk away from the ground'.

How To Get There By Car & Where To Park

The ground is well signposted from the A11 and A47. From the southern bypass (A47) take the A146 into the city. At the traffic lights turn right towards the city centre on the A1054. At the next roundabout stay in the left hand lane and continue towards the city centre along the A147. At the next set of traffic lights, turn right into King Street. This street as it bends around to the right and crosses the river becomes Carrow Road, the ground is further down on the right.
David Clarke informs me that 'The best car park for away fans is Norfolk County Hall, which is well sign posted on the left of the A146, as you follow signs towards the ground from the Southern Bypass. It is currently £6 and can hold about 2000 cars, and does usually fill up by 2pm for games where the away team bring loads of fans'. Martyn Swan adds; 'It's advisable to get to the car park before 1pm if you want a decent spot, otherwise you may get stuck in spaces at the back, and it can then take ages at the end of the game to exit'.

After the game has ended some roads are closed to allow the crowd to disperse quickly and safely. For details of precisely which roads are closed, visit the Norwich City Council website.

Post Code for SAT NAV: NR1 1JE

By Train

The ground is walkable from Norwich train station. If you ignore all those wonderful pubs it should take you no more than 10 minutes to walk to the ground. From the station turn left and head for the Morrisons supermarket and you should see the ground behind that.
Remember if travelling by train then you can normally save on the cost of fares by booking in advance. Visit the thetrainline website to see how much you can save.



WEST HAM 1 NEWCASTLE 3 (Cabaye 2, Remy)
Krul, Yanga-Mbiwa, Williamson, S Taylor, Santon (74' Dummett), Tiote, Anita (60' Shola Ameobi), Sissoko, Cabaye, Gouffran, Remy (78' Ben Arfa)
Subs: Cisse, Haidara, Elliot, Obertan

Krul, Yanga-Mbiwa (82' Ben Arfa),  Williamson, S Taylor, Santon, Anita (73' Cisse), Tiote, Sissoko, Cabaye, Gouffran (82' Haidara), Remy
Subs: Gosling, Elliot, Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini (65' Yanga-Mbiwa), Santon, Cabaye, Tiote, Gouffran (45' Ben Arfa), Sissoko, Remy, Shola Ameobi (76' Haidara).
Subs: Anita, Cisse, Elliot, S Taylor

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Anita (74' Shola Ameobi), Tiote, Sissoko (79' Haidara), Cabaye, Gouffran (62' Ben Arfa), Remy
Subs: Cisse, Yanga-Mbiwa, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi

NEWCASTLE 5 STOKE CITY 1 (Remy 2, Gouffran, Cabaye, Cisse pen)
Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon (61' Haidara), Anita (45' Shola Ameobi), Sissoko, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Gouffran (72' Cisse), Remy
Subs: Yanga-Mbiwa, Elliot, Obertan, S Taylor

CRYSTAL PALACE 0 NEWCASTLE 3 (Cabaye, Gabbidon og, Ben Arfa pen)
Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Anita, Tiote, Sissoko, Cabaye (79' Ben Arfa), Gouffran, Remy (75' Shola Ameobi).
Subs: Cisse, Yanga-Mbiwa, Haidara, Elliot, Obertan

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon (78' Haidara), Sissoko, Anita, Tiote, Gouffran (73' Ben Arfa), Shola Ameobi (61' Cisse), Remy
Subs: Yanga-Mbiwa, Elliot, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi

Krul, Debuchy (83' Yanga-Mbiwa),  Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Cabaye (78' Shola Ameobi), Tiote, Anita, Sissoko, Remy, Gouffran (57' Ben Arfa).
Subs: Cisse, Gutierrez, Elliot, Obertan

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson (77' Yanga-Mbiwa), Coloccini, Santon (56' Haidara), Sissoko, Tiote, Cabaye, Gouffran, Shola Ameobi (67' Obertan), Remy
Subs: Anita, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett

NEWCASTLE 2 WBA 1 (Gouffran, Sissoko)
Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Sissoko (90+5' Cisse), Tiote, Cabaye, Gouffran, Shola Ameobi, Remy (84' Anita)
Subs: Ben Arfa, Yanga-Mbiwa, Elliot, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi

Krul, Yanga-Mbiwa, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Sissoko, Tiote, Cabaye (68' Anita), Gouffran (83' Ben Arfa), Shola Ameobi (74' Cisse), Remy.
Subs: Haidara, Elliot, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon, Sissoko, Cabaye, Tiote, Gouffran (85' Obertan), Remy (75' Cisse), Shola Ameobi (60' Anita).
Subs: Coloccini, Ben Arfa, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi

NEWCASTLE UTD 2 CHELSEA 0 (Gouffran, Remy)
Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon, Sissoko, Cabaye, Tiote (53' Anita), Gouffran (85' Obertan), Shola Ameobi (62' Cisse).
Subs: Ben Arfa, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Tavernier.

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Dummett, Santon, Sissoko (45' Cisse), Tiote, Cabaye, Gouffran (86' Sammy Ameobi), Ben Arfa, Remy (70' Shola Ameobi).
Subs: Anita, Haidara, Elliot, Obertan.

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon, Cabaye (78'  Sammy Ameobi), Tiote, Gouffran, Sissoko (45' Dummett), Remy, Ben Arfa (78' Anita).
Subs: Cisse, Elliot, Obertan, Dummett.

Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Santon, Tiote, Cabaye (86' Ben Arfa), Gouffran, Sissoko, Remy (71' Gutierrez), Cisse
Subs: Anita, Yanga-Mbiwa, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett

EVERTON 3 NEWCASTLE 2 (Cabaye, Remy)
Krul, Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa (46' Williamson), Coloccini, Santon, Tiote, Anita (69' Cisse), Ben Arfa (46' Cabaye), Sissoko, Gouffran, Remy
Subs: Elliot, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett

Krul, Debuchy (86' Tiote), Yanga-Mbiwa, Coloccini, Santon, Cabaye (62' Gouffran), Anita, Sissoko, Ben Arfa, Cisse (73' Marveaux), Remy
Subs: Williamson, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett

ASTON VILLA 1 NEWCASTLE 2 (Ben Arfra, Gouffran)
Krul, Debuchy, Coloccini, Yanga-Mbiwa, Santon, Anita (74' Tiote), Cabaye (88' Sammy Ameobi), Ben Arfa, Sissoko, Remy (63' Gouffran), Cisse
Subs: Elliot, Marveaux, S Taylor, Dummett

Krul, Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa, Coloccini, Santon, Ben Arfa, Sissoko, Anita 65' (Cabaye), Marveaux 74' (Remy), Shola Ameobi 65' (Gouffran), Cisse
Subs: Gosling, Elliot, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett

Krul, Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa, Coloccini, Santon, Ben Arfa, Sissoko, Anita, Marveaux 66' (Sammy Ameobi), Shola Ameobi, Cisse 72'
Subs: Gosling, Bigirimana, Elliot, Vuckic, Dummett

Krul, Debuchy, Coloccini, S Taylor, Yanga-Mbiwa, Sissoko, Tiote, Gouffran 45+4' (Dummett), Ben Arfa 65' (Sammy Ameobi), Gutierrez 44' (Anita), Cisse
Subs: Elliot, Marveaux, Shola Ameobi, Obertan


Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Yanga-Mbiwa, Haidara (45 Dummett, 80 Ben Arfa), Anita, Tiote, Gouffran, Sissoko, Shola Ameobi (66 Cabaye), Cisse
Subs: Remy, Elliot, Obertan, Sammy Ameobi

NEWCASTLE 2 LEEDS UTD 0 (Cisse, Gouffran)
Krul, Debuchy, Williamson, Coloccini, Dummett, Gouffran (90' Vuckic), Anita (80' Gosling), Tiote, Marveaux, Sammy Ameobi, Cisse (71' Obertan).
Subs: Ben Arfa, Yanga-Mbiwa, Bigirimana, Alnwick

MORECAMBE 0 NEWCASTLE 2 (Shola Ameobi, Sammy Ameobi)
Elliot, Debuchy, Yanga-Mbiwa, Good, Dummett, Bigirimana, Gosling, Marveaux 88' (Sissoko), Vuckic 46' (Shola Ameobi), Sammy Ameobi, Gouffran 71' (Ben Arfa)
Subs: Santon, Anita, Alnwick, Streete


Elliot, Santon, S Taylor, Yanga-Mbiwa, Haidara, Sissoko (85' Shola Ameobi), Tiote, Anita, Gouffran (63' Obertan), Ben Arfa, Cisse (85' Remy).
Subs: Williamson, Sammy Ameobi, Dummett, Alnwick