Barton? One Of Us Or A Loud-Mouthed Bully?

Last updated : 21 November 2014 By Footy Mad - Editor

I had no problem with him on the field of play, he gave his heart and soul to the Newcastle United cause, but his troubles off the pitch were never comfortable reading.

Picking on 16-year olds, fighting an 18-year old in a McDonalds in Liverpool when the kid was alone and Barton had six mates, etc.

It was never David against Goliath, was it, with Barton playing the part of David? Quite the opposite.

His spell in jail had the supporters split. Half saying he deserved the punishment; the other half wanting him back in black and white.

Then-manager Kevin Keegan stuck by him during the spell in prison but Mike Ashley wanted to rip up his contract.

That was Barton. Nothing was grey - it was either black or white.

But he made 84 appearances for Newcastle, and I don't think any player (apart from Ryan Taylor) has come close to replacing him as United's dead-ball expert since he left.

He could find Andy Carroll in a crowded penalty area, and after Barton left we went TWO YEARS without scoring from a corner!

Joey Barton (talking to the Chronicle): “Would I contemplate celebrating against Newcastle this weekend? Without a shadow of doubt, no.

“I have far too much respect for the Newcastle fans.

“It is a place I am incredibly fond of.

“It would be very disrespectful to do that if I was lucky enough to score, which I have not been doing of late. I would never dream of doing it.

“I will try to win the game and be competitive and there will be certain occasions when there is a ball to be won and it is my job to do it.

“For 90 minutes I have to do what I have to do.

“As soon as the final whistle goes I will be back to being an adopted Geordie.

“Competitively I have not been back since I left.

“I went back for Harps’ testimonial and was really blown away by the reception I received. I was humbled.

“It will be strange going back and playing at St James’ Park and not having the black and white shirt on.”

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