Ba Admits He Never Had Any Emotional Attachment To Toon

Last updated : 06 January 2013 By Footy Mad - Editor

And it would be funny if it caught on.

A respected North-East journalist has been praised for describing him as “the ultimate footballing mercenary”. In a literal sense, that may be true.


At his initial press conference at St James' Park, when asked why he’d signed, he replied: “I asked my agent which club has made me the best offer. He said Newcastle, so I signed for them.”

Ba moved on a free transfer, crossed no tribal divide, gave his all and paid Newcastle back with 29 goals in 57 games.

And when the board refused to pay him £70,000 per week, he again asked his agent(s) to see who’d make him the best offer.

That turned out to be Chelsea, and the move was a no-brainer for someone who never pretended to have an emotional attachment to Newcastle.

This guy - in the run up to the transfer window - never ONCE suggested he was staying at St James' Park.

We’re not talking Alan Shearer here. It’s business.

Alan Pardew has attacked Ba’s agents for forcing the move to line their pockets, but what did we really expect from Ba?

Of course Ba is a mercenary, but there are enough mercenaries in the Premier League these days to mount a successful coup in a Central American state.

You only have to look at Mario Balotelli, who went to Manchester City for £120,000 a week, felt the place was beneath him, has agitated for a move ever since, spread poison through the club with a shocking attitude and will have to be shipped out at a massive loss.

That's the way with today’s players - GREEDY TO THE BONE!