Ashley's Toon Shirt 'In The Wash'?

Last updated : 29 January 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor
But, as he sat watching the mess he has left us in, former Newcastle United chairman Freddy Shepherd launched another blistering attack on the Tottenham fan.

Freddy Shepherd (on BBC programme 'Inside Out'): "I've never told anyone this before but if I'd have been fit I'd have taken them on.

"But once John (Hall) had sold his shares, he couldn't go back on it.

"If I'd known before it was £1 a share perhaps I would have thought about it.

"I've seen it all come and go, one minute you're a high, the next you're a zero because it hasn't worked out.

"Fans aren't doing it personally, they're doing it to whoever's running Newcastle at the time.

"Mike Ashley is Mike Ashley, and I've never met the guy, but sitting with the fans with the shirt on wasn't a clever thing to do.

"You've got to have some dignity, the job is one of the important jobs around the club.

"If you sit with the fans you're going to get so many different opinions, you've got to look at it calmly and clearly.

"People say 'you must be laughing your socks off', but I'm not because what affects Mike Ashley affects Newcastle United Football Club.

"I'll always be Newcastle, there's the old saying - you can change your bank manager, you can change your wife but you never change your club and I wish the guy all the best.

"Business is business, that's the way he runs his business and he's entitled to run it anyway that he wants.

"It's not the way I would do it, but he's in charge and he's got to do what he thinks is best."