Ashley Or Staveley - Who Is The 'Waste Of Time'?

Last updated : 17 January 2018 By Footy Mad - Editor

Talks between Newcastle owner Mike Ashley and Amanda Staveley's PCP Capital Partners have broken down.

Image result for Newcastle United Amanda StaveleyThe dream takeover for United fans is in severe doubt of becoming a nightmare.

And it's fair to say they've not taken to it well on social media.

Here's a snippet of just some of the comments from #NUFC on Twitter...

@CarlJackson999 said: "Exhausting, frustrating and a complete waste of time -Try having you as a chairman for the last 10 years! It sums you right up!"

@JamieTomsett said: "Mike Ashley says Amanda Staveley has wasted his time. Ashley has wasted our time for the last 10yrs at NUFC . It's gonna be another ruined season. PLEASE let us have some good news soon. The TOON deserve it.

@Stacyluvmusic said: "We were all obsessed with the takeover being on. And now we're all obsessed with the takeover being off. Life of a Newcastle fan!!"

@Gustoon said: "Mike Ashley, you don’t want NUFC and we don’t want you. I had an old vacuum cleaner that I just sold on eBay, I took less for it because we were in the same position, hint!"

@hatspak said: "I'm sick & tired of NUFC having constantly fight relegation. MA doesn't invest in this club at all so relegation battle is no surprise. In the end being 17th in the Prem is celebrated like a Champions League win."

@HermanNicol2 said: "NUFC has a Championship winning squad & will get TV money from this season, s pricey manager that will resign and be replaced on the cheap. MA will be perfectly happy with us yo-yoing up and down. Not a thing anyone can do."

@i_jamesmartin said: "Even with takeover talks breaking down at NUFC, I still believe Rafa can get us in the Top 4 next season, even with tricky away ties at Brentford and Ipswich."

@sawdox said: "I feel like we've all been Barry Moat-ed all over again."

@ivorberry said: "Rafa is not Ashley's puppet like the rest, so this is the only way Ashley can get rid is make him walk. So feed in the lies, no communication, no budget, make him walk."

@NUFC360 said: "Think this news and negativity surrounding the takeover may have just made the task of staying up even harder. Club is starting to self combust. Who knows what Rafa and the players are thinking, never mind the fan reaction."

@SeanMcCabe23 said: "Can somebody explain to me how boycotting a Home match will make Ashley sell the club?"

@Gholmester said: "Is takeover really off? Not so sure personally. MA won’t have this all his own way and I expect PCP response. We know this is MA’s style; always gloves off. In any case something that doesn’t change - need a few players in to make sure we stay up."

@ToonBano said: "£250m with relegation clauses doesn't strike me as an offer from someone with huge ambitions. It's sounds like someone who would run the club within its means. I've heard an NUFC owner say that before... Whole thing is highly disappointing."