Ashley Mocks Newcastle Fans!

Last updated : 21 April 2015 By Footy Mad - Editor

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But is he worried about it?

He even 'doctored' the attendance figures for Sunday's game to pull the piss out of Newcastle fans.

Rather than give the figure of how many came through the gates ... he gave the figure including season ticket holders who didn't attend!

Thousands of fans stayed away from Sunday's Barclays Premier League defeat by Tottenham at St James' Park in protest at the way the sportswear Tycoon is running the club, with the official attendance of 47,427 - 7,000 more than those that actually attended.

Mark Jensen, editor of The Mag now fears longer-term consequences.

Jensen, who himself stayed away from Sunday's game, said: "I feel sorry for young people, what they are watching now and this lack of ambition. At least when I was young, the team might have been rubbish and we were going nowhere, but it was exciting to be on the terraces.

"There was so much more wrapped up in it, whereas now if the football is rubbish, I'm not quite sure what the lure is.

"That's a long-term danger. Whether Mike Ashley is here in the future or not, there's a danger that you are turning all these people off Newcastle United and going to the match, especially with the rival attraction of being able to watch it in your local pub.

"I thought it (the boycott) was a massive success. Comparing it with the walk-out at the end of last season, basically it's always going to be symbolic.

"It's not going to bring Mike Ashley to his knees, but to have thousands and thousands of people, or whatever figure you want to put on it, who have already paid for something not going to the match...

"Imagine thousands of people going to Tesco or Sainsbury's and buying £30 worth of shopping and saying, 'Hang on a second, I'm not happy, you can have your shopping back'. It's a massive statement."