Ashley Hides From Toon Army!

Last updated : 28 January 2009 By Footy Mad - Editor

If so, it will be the first time he has attended a Newcastle game since August 30.

Ashley found himself the focus of a furious backlash from fans in the wake of Kevin Keegan's departure as manager, and was goaded by former chairman Freddy Shepherd (on Sunday) when Fat Fred said: "I made mistakes ... but the fans know ... I NEVER hid!"

Ashley has been hiding for five months, but since he cannot find a buyer for the club, he has a £250m white elephant parked on his drive.

And the truth is ... he doesn't know where to go from here!

He would love to walk away, but his hands are tied.

After being advised to take the club off the market on December 28, Ashley knows he needs to do something to make Newcastle United Football Club an attractive club in his efforts to find a buyer.

He promised Joe Kinnear money in the transfer window with the manager demanding funds for his recruitment plans.

But, with three days remaining, we have seen none of it.

Famous for being "all wind and piss", Ashley would face the ugly side of the Toon Army, should their paths cross.