Ashley Be Warned! Keegan Won't Stand For Much More!

Last updated : 30 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

And be warned - Kevin Keegan once walked out of St James' Park saying "it is not like the brochure" when Sir John Hall promised money for signings then pulled away the carpet.

And the Toon boss looked an idiot the way he had to explain to the media why he didn't know Denis Wise was arriving as his "assistant".

Now The Guardian report that ex-Newcastle strike Joe Allon, who had been working under United's new "football chief executive" Dennis Wise as a coach at Leeds, may be poised for a return to the north-east as part of the new look backroom team.

I say "new" football chief executive, tongue-in-cheek, when I don't think we've had one before. And if Keegan cannot explain what the role involves, I'm sure I cannot.

So why does Wise want Allon when KK has enough coaches to run a bus company!

The plot thickens.

Ashley KNOWS Keegan has a short fuse, and I believe Wise is the cuckoo in the nest, just waiting to grap his chance.

Forget Alan Shearer ... Dennis Wise will be Newcastle manager before this year is out. YOU WATCH!