Arsenal "Arrogance" Cost Them

Last updated : 20 November 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
But he will gradually realise that his side are being left behind in the title race because they are simply ... NOT AS GOOD AS CHELSEA OR MANCHESTER UTD.

Ex-Arsenal striker Charlie Nicolas is like a scratched record on SKY TV insisting this present Arsenal team is the "best ever". Yet week-in-week-out this bunch of misfits have him eating his words.
Wenger believes his players will learn from the "pain" of another disappointing home draw, but if he continues to insult visiting teams by dropping key players ... he gets what he deserves
Wenger: "We just make it difficult for ourselves. They have to learn very quickly. We have to be patient and not make a mistake defensively

"Not winning is painful and from the pain, they will learn. It is a shame because the team gave everything and they did fight to last second.

"I feel there is a lot of potential in this team, and that it will come out because they have a good spirit and a good mentality. They want to do well, but have to learn some important ingredients in the game that make the team successful at the top level - and at the moment we cannot master that.

"It was a bit of a repetition of what we have seen until now. It is very frustrating to come out dropping two points, but out of seven games we have been now 1-0 down four times, and you cannot afford that.

"You cannot drop as many points as we do at home. We have shown until now we can win the big games, but you also have to win at home against the teams who will not fight for the championship.

"There have been a few times now that we did not - and that gives hope to the teams who come here.
"Henry was tired from the France game, and that was my decision. You cannot play Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday - it is impossible for one man.

"I do not speak with the French manager at all. If he gets injured [Henry], you will not ask me why he does not play."