'Arry And Roeder - The History

Last updated : 27 November 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
Roeder said the squad he inherited from Redknapp was not good enough.

Redknapp: "I gave Glenn a job coaching at West Ham after meeting him in London when he was out of work. But he said a few things after I left and he's been known to do that hasn't he?

"I left him a fantastic squad, actually, but when they started losing games I suppose somebody had to cop it. I don't really want to get involved. It is old history and I don't think there are any real problems between us now.

"It wouldn't bother me if there were. It wouldn't make any difference to my life.

"But Glenn has another very good squad at Newcastle. They have spent a fortune up there and while they have done well in the UEFA Cup and the Carling Cup I can't believe they are so low in the table and I think they will finish much higher.

"Glenn has obviously pinned his hopes on Obafemi Martins, who cost £10million, I believe. And for that price people are going to expect him to score goals. He can do it. I was interested in him myself until Inter put the the price up.

"He is quick and strong but if he doesn't finish up with 17 or 18 goals this season then he's had a bad season, hasn't he?

"I took Kanu on a free transfer when everybody said he was finished and he's scored eight goals already in 12 games. He has been fantastic for Portsmouth but I'm not trying to blow my own trumpet.

"We are not a Chelsea, an Arsenal or a Manchester United here but even if you can't win championships or get into Europe I believe you should play entertaining football.

"We have one or two managers in the Premiership who we don't know what they want to achieve with the way they play - but I think almost everybody who played for me would say they enjoyed it."