An Open Letter - Take Notice Freddy

Last updated : 05 January 2006 By Footy Mad - Editor
Souness is in no way at all responsible for EVERYTHING. But
just how big a part has he played in our demise from Bobby''s well-liked,
well supported crew to this hateful bunch some die-hard fans are loathe to
spend any more money on.

It''s been many a year since we (as a majority) feel so badly about the
club as to suggest regularly that a defeat in place of a new manager would
be a good thing. Robson was sacked unceremoniously, yet I do not recall
anyone suggesting we''d benefit from losing. As I keep saying, yet keep
being ignored from certain quarters on, forget the timing, the stats, the
premise of a bright summer and ask yourself how far we can fall if things
continue as is - will we stomach game after game of this? Most of us would
accept that Europe is an impossibility now and a trophy is just plain
absurd - what better way for a NEW manager to arrive than with these
absurdly low expectations. Hell, these days a decent match is what we hope
for, then tactics, then goals, then some victories, then a defence, then
some fit players, then and only then can we start to consider rising the
table. I cannot see how it can be any clearer than this - we''re miles and
miles away from simply playing football, let alone everything else we
need, so when expectation - the one thing we geordies are lambasted for -
is THIS low, isn''t it the PERFECT time to change??

The mission statement is clear - RESCUE this club and bring it''s FANS
back. Souness can clearly not do these basic things, let alone guide us
forward. We are in need of repair, and fast. We need someone to believe
in, and fast. Europe cannot be asked of the next man, by either his
paymaster or the fans. All we want now is something to believe in,
something to hope for - we got NOTHING with Souness and I cannot see any
reason why now isn''t the time, because an appointment in the Summer will
result in European expectancies immediately and little else. We are well
placed to take on a new manager now who can use this season as little more
than a chance to familiarise himself with the club and ingratioate himself
with the fans.

The time could not be any better - please, please Mr. Shepherd - open your