Allardyce: 'I Haven't Been Slagged Off Yet'!

Last updated : 05 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor
Allardyce: "We all know we have to get some wins on the board to stop the criticism that is coming our, and particularly my way.

"But no one has told me or anyone else that I am losing my job here. We have lost a few games of football, we have to accept that, but we can put it behind us.

"I always said it takes three to five years to build up a club properly and being judged after seven months is unfair. I know I have to win matches. I will be judged on that. If not more and more pressure will come on my position. Win and I can stop the pressure flying around.

"One never knows but I can't see any indication from Mike or Chris towards what has been speculated about. They have been absolutely fantastic with me from the time I started to right up to now. We have all experienced the highs and lows in the seven months that we have been together.

"It was worse when I was at Bolton and we spent two seasons battling against relegation. We spent three months in the bottom three second year in. That was difficult making players believe they can get out of the bottom three. We didn't get out of the bottom three until Boxing Day.

"Then we never went back in, but it was pressure being there and it makes everyone so negative. At the moment we are in a bad run and we have to turn it round with three or four wins.

"Here we are still 11th in the Premiership and in a position to go forward and string a few wins together. You try to stay focused and work towards the goal and keep the players as fit as possible and keep their confidence high. It brings out anger and determination in me.

"I have not bumped in to a fan that has slagged me off yet. They have been okay. When you are not winning you expect criticism from the fans.

"We have to turn our good form into wins and points and we need a result to get through to the next round of the FA Cup. If we lose against Stoke I expect it will continue, I expect nothing less. We have to win the game and get to the next round."