Allardyce: Í Will Prove Newcastle Wrong´!

Last updated : 11 January 2008 By Footy Mad - Editor

Allardyce: "I want to be a manager again, I'm addicted to it. I've not done my time anyway.

"I said in the past I could pack in at around 55 but I'm only 53 and I might revise the timescale if the right offer comes along.

"Part of me says I should resist jumping back in too quickly but saying that, it depends what sort of club might want you.

"I thought I'd have a rest after leaving Bolton but Newcastle came in and you can't say, 'hang on, come back in six months' because the game doesn't work like that. When the opportunities arise you have to take them.

"There's been no edge taken off the belief I have in myself. There's no need to doubt my abilities.

"Things like this make you stronger and more determined to prove people wrong.

 "When I do a job I'm fully committed and I know what works. I believe it would have worked at Newcastle.

"I don't feel scarred as I don't think it's my fault. I don't feel it's damaged me or the reputation I've built up as a manager over the last 16 years.

"I said it would take three to five years to build a club of this size up.

"I'll be back, although jobs are harder to come by for us English managers. We are going out of fashion in this country which makes life very difficult. And we're not in fashion at all abroad.

"There's plenty of football life left in me. When I retire from the game I want to do it on my terms - not someone else's."