'All or Nothing: Newcastle' - What we know about the series so far

Amazon Prime's 'All or Nothing' documentaries have become extremely popular in recent years with a number of teams such as Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur getting the treatment, as well as sides from other sports.

Fans love the fly-on-the-wall feeling the shows can provide, revealing details on video that many fans would never normally get to see. If it is your own team, the chance to see a team talk happen on screen is very cool.

The shows can also air a lot of dirty laundry in public with each series featuring some of the less harmonious moments where form has dipped or an individual within the team has fallen out with the coach or the club.

It was rumoured for some time that Amazon have had their eye on Newcastle as the next subject for the series, and now it has been confirmed that the Magpies will be under the microscope. Here is everything that is known so far.

Which season will Amazon Prime be following for Newcastle?

While Amazon themselves have not announced the show yet, Sky Sports reporter Keith Downie reported that camera crews have been behind the scenes at Newcastle all season long which means that it is the current campaign that is being documented.

That means they have captured Newcastle's run to the Carabao Cup final where they will face Manchester United, as well as their great form that has them right in the thick of a Champions League battle.

When will 'All or Nothing: Newcastle' be released?

No release date has been announced yet considering the filming is still ongoing and it remains to be seen how Newcastle's season will pan out. Based on previous versions of the show, though, it is assumed that August 2023 is a realistic time frame.

How many episodes of 'All or Nothing: Newcastle' will there be?

It was reported by Downie for Sky Sports that there will be four episodes. This is odd considering the Manchester City, Arsenal and Tottenham series' had eight episodes each.

This could suggest a change of tack from Amazon where they do fewer episodes but cover more clubs. They must have their eye on the likes of Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool, but not all clubs are open to having their season filmed as it can lead to a lot of ridicule.

How to watch 'All or Nothing: Newcastle' in the UK, USA and Canada

Unlike explaining how to watch different football matches all over the world, 'All or Nothing' is much easier to explain.

The only way to watch the series will be to have an Amazon Prime subscription which can be purchased at any time. That is the case in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada and Australia.

With that subscription, you can see the back catalogue of series as well which includes Arsenal, Manchester City, Tottenham, the Brazil National Team, Juventus, and many others such as the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team and the Toronto Maple Leafs ice hockey team.

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Source : 90min