Air of Confidence in the United camp

Last updated : 12 November 2002 By Martyn Elliott

Alan Shearer

"It is in our hands, and then in another way it isn’t, we have to make sure we concentrate on the job in hand, because if we get side tracked by the other game we could end with nothing.

"It is frustrating when we look back at the first three games where we took no points, but then again it speaks volumes that we still have a chance of qualifying in the last game. People wouldn’t have expected that earlier in the competition.

"We’re confident despite the defeat at Arsenal on Saturday, and we’ve done well in the previous two European games against Juventus and Kyiv so we’ve got a chance.

"If we get the points from our game then we can only hope that Juventus can do us a favour. There is talk of them playing a second string side, but when that includes the likes of Marcelo Salas it isn’t exactly weakened."

Gary Speed

"There's a lot of hunger within the club after what we've achieved against Juventus and Kyiv.

"The way that we've clawed our way back into contention has only increased our appetite for these games. We thought we were dead and buried but we're back in business.

"Our Champions League campaign has been symptomatic of our season as a whole. We give ourselves mountains to climb but more often than not we climb them.

"I'm confident that will be the case in Rotterdam."

Sir Bobby

"What Juventus do in Kiev is not in my hands. They will do what they want to do and any message or plea from me will fall on stony ground.

"If another manager rang me up and asked what I was going to do I would say that when I've made my mind up then I'll tell you.

"But looking at the situation regarding Juventus and Dynamo Kyiv, nobody likes to lose when you play a competitive game.

"Juventus by and large will still put out a pretty good side and the players that will come in tomorrow night will be fresh and will relish the challenge and will want to prove themselves."

Andy Griffin

"The atmosphere will be buzzing and there will be a lot of tension because of the high stakes.

"There is a lot up for grabs but we can only play like we did against Feyenoord at home which was all-out attacking football.

"We were very disappointed when we lost at St James's Park but we're still very confident. We have arrived here in high spirits.

"The last two matches in the Champions' League have been do-or-die affairs for us and this one will be the same. Plus, we know Feyenoord have to win so when the game is open then perhaps it suits us best because we are very strong when we go forward on the break."

Nobby Solano

"We have never won away from home in the Champions' League and I hope we can change all that against Feyenoord tomorrow night.

"We are a big club and we have to show that - and that means being able to win games in Europe away from St James's Park.

"If only we had taken a single point from any one of our first three group games, then we might have been in a better position, but we still have a chance.

"Everyone knows how crucial the Feyenoord game is for us. Everyone has to be 100 per cent.

"Feyenoord know they must win so we have to expect them to try to put us under a lot of pressure and come at us, particularly in the first 20 minutes.

"So we need to be clever. First of all, we have to try to win the game and stay in the Champions' League because that is the most important thing to us.

"But at the very least we must make sure we don't lose so that the club stays in Europe through the UEFA Cup. I think it will be an open game but that could turn out to suit us.

"We have Craig Bellamy getting back to full fitness and, along with Kieron Dyer, he is a fast player on the break who can be a big threat to Feyenoord."

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